Completed internal resonator pot

I got this done last Sunday and shipped it out on Monday.  It is a bit heavy at just under 6 pounds but 4 of that is the metal hardware.  It was an interesting project, especially learning to veneer the rim.  Yesterday I went to a sale where a furniture maker was selling out and got a bunch of veneer and some mahogany so I am looking forward to trying a mahogany banjo and learning more about veneer over the next few months.  This week I’ve been building an A scale flush fret walnut banjo and I’ll have more about that soon.  It’s getting the finish done now and I’m planning to set it up tomorrow evening.


A one-piece cherry neck

Last week’s shop project was making a one-piece neck out of cherry for a customer. He brought the wood he wanted it made from and the pot is is to fit, and we went over all of the details so it could be made to his specifications. The fretboard is curly maple and the peghead overlay and heel cap are birds-eye maple. He is going to do some staining and other finishing work this week and then bring it back to me to put in the frets and tuners next week. I have always made my banjo necks in three layers so it was a fun change to make one out of a solid block. I used the Shopsmith as a line borer to drill the mortise in the heel for the dowel stick and I turned the dowel stick tenon on the lathe. I’m looking forward to seeing what it will look like when the customer has done the staining and such.P3110016.JPGP3110017.JPG

Making an internal resonator rim

This winter someone asked me to make an internal resonator rim.  This is the first time I’ve made one and and I didn’t know much about them before.  After asking a lot of questions of the customer I have finally gotten it put together.  The inner and outer rims are both made from cherry blocks like the rims I usually make, but they have curly maple veneer on their visible faces.  This was also my first time veneering rims and I found it was not as difficult of a process as I had thought it would be.  Once the two rims were done I joined them together and then added the back.  All that remains to do is drilling the shoe bolt holes and putting on the finish.  We’re having an unseasonably warm late winter here so it will be easier to warm up the finishing area.  Once the rim is done I will be ready to get back to work on the walnut OM acoustic and walnut squareneck resonator guitars that I started working on over a month ago.  P3050002.JPGP3050003.JPGP3050004.JPG