Building banjo #44, part 7

Yesterday I put the finish on Banjo #44, as well as  a ukulele and a refinish job on a used banjo which is going back up for resale soon.  I took a couple of pictures after the second of 5 coats of Tru Oil.  P1290023.JPG


I can’t use the camera while I have my gloves on both hands and am applying oil, so there isn’t a lot to see today.  I took another picture after the last coat of oil.


At 7 when I had finished with the Tru Oil I put some Danish oil on a pseudo-morris chair which I built in December.  I would have finished it sooner but I was trying to find a good plug cutter that made the size I needed to cover the screws.  I realized this fall that I had not sat on a chair that really fit me since I was in my early teens, probably, so I used some of the cherry from the cart in the loft that was not good enough to use for instruments.


Tonight I’ll be assembling and setting up #44 and I’ll have a lot more to show in tomorrow’s post.


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