Building banjo #66, part 3

Tonight I didn’t work long on the pot and then I had to let the glue dry.  First I set the outer rim on top of the inner rim and used a mini tape measure to get it as perfectly centered as I could, and then drew around the blocks and laid out the cut line.


Then I took it to the bandsaw and cut away most of the inner rim, leaving just over 1/4″ of wood except where the ears are that join the outer blocks.  When cut the inner rim can be set inside the outer one and rotated into place.  I thought of this method back when I made my first IR rim as a way to get the glue onto the surfaces and not have it be scraped off during assembly.


Bottom view:


I trimmed the edges of the ears the last bit with the bandsaw and then marked the excess height of the ears above the blocks and trimmed it off with a router, carefully.


Then I used the 1″ belt sander to smooth off the outside of the inner rim and put glue on the mating surfaces of the blocks and ears and put the rims together.  I checked them carefully against the aluminum plate and then with a straightedge.


Once the excess glue became rubbery I cleaned it off the joints with a chisel and set the assembly aside overnight.  Tomorrow I will put the back on.

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