Banjo #66 completed

I put 5 coats of Tru Oil finish on the banjo on Sunday and put it together today.


It has a curly walnut peghead overlay and the fretboard is streaky ebony.  It’s a bit hard to see the streaks in the pictures.  I like scoops better now that I have the power fretting saw set up so I don’t have those annoying little bits of fret slot showing on the partial frets.


The bottom of the tone ring is visible under the flesh hoop of the head.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I recently went to using screws to fasten the brass plates rather than double sided tape, but the screws are so short that I have a hard time holding onto them to get them started.


Now that the finishing is done the bookmatched resonator back is more apparent.




The armrest is of the type pioneered by Jason Romero, though not as nice as his, I am sure.



I made a quick video demonstration of this banjo after I got it set up tonight.  I moved my right hand up and down a bit to try to show some of the range of sounds that this banjo can make.  I hope that perhaps someone will come by before the drawing who can really play and will let me make a video of them playing this banjo, but we don’t get a lot of visitors this time of year.

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