February banjos

During February I made 6 banjos, of which 3 were custom made to order, 2 were in-stock instruments and 1 was for the BanjoHangout free drawing which is happening now.

Banjo #64 was an A scale internal resonator custom banjo



#65 was a custom D scale mini banjo, my first with an 8″ pot.  The rim is one of Mark Hickler’s partial internal resonator rims that he makes so well.



#66 is the giveaway banjo, pictures are below in a recent post.

#67 is a walnut 12″, shown on the Banjos page of this site.

#68 is a cherry 10″ C scale, also shown on the Banjos page.

#69 is a custom banjo with a 12″ internal resonator pot with one of my Whyte Laydie tone rings.  It is the first time I have ever used Rocklite Ebano, which is a new ebony substitute that was quite easy to work with and looks very much like ebony.  The customer was very enterprising and bought the Rocklite for the fretboard and the peghead overlay all the way from England and brought them out here when he came to visit before he ordered his banjo.  I’ll be offering Rocklite soon as an option on the Custom Banjos page.



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