March instruments

I meant to make this post two weeks ago, but time slipped away.  In March I started with a custom banjo, #70, a 12″ walnut A scale.

P3120020 (1).jpg

#71 was a walnut stock banjo, shown on the Banjos page

#72 was a custom ordered walnut 12″ with a Dobson heel and no dots


#s 73 and 74 were also walnut stock banjos, shown on the Banjos page.

I also had the chance to make a replacement copy of a badly broken and even more badly repaired banjo neck, the customer sent me the pot and the remains of the neck, which he had bought somewhere, and I copied the neck design fairly closely.


In non-banjo news I also had time to build another chicken head fiddle(fiddle #19), for a customer who was waiting for it.  This is similar to the previous chicken head fiddle I made in January except it has a jatoba fingerboard instead of hop-hornbeam.


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