November instruments

My first project in November was to build a cello banjo, #92.  It is shown on the Banjos page.  #93 was a custom walnut 10″ C scale banjo with an extra-thin D shaped neck.  I used a low profile truss rod to get an 18mm neck depth along the full length.  This banjo also has pearl dots instead of brass.


I also made a custom walnut 5 string neck with hickory trim for an old Vega pot:


I made another dulcimer since I have been out of stock of them for a few months, it’s shown on the Other Instruments page, on the Dulcimers page.

Banjos 94 through 97 are all stock instruments, shown on the Banjos page.  Doing custom work provides more variety but stock instruments are nice to make because I don’t have to figure out new measurements before I build them.   Also during November I got back banjo #62 and the chicken-head fiddle I had made for the exhibit at TAUNY last January.  Someone who had seen the exhibit came down to look at the banjo once the exhibit was over, and he ended up buying the other ash banjo I had in stock at the time.  Banjo #62 has a link on its page to a NCPR story with some high quality audio of the banjo being played by a very skilled musician.  The chicken head fiddle can be found on the Fiddles page now that it is available.