December banjos

In December my first project was to build banjo #98 from a walnut board that was supplied by the customer.  It came from a tree that was planted by a neighbor of his and blew down in a storm. PC160004.jpgPC160006.jpg

My next job was to build a replacement for a broken vintage banjo neck.  This also involved salvaging a piece of bone inlay from the old peghead and putting it in the new.


Banjos #99 and 100 are stock banjos shown on the Banjos page.  2018 was a very good year in the workshop.  I built 40 banjos this year, more than ever before, along with a few necks and other parts, three fiddles, a resonator guitar, an acoustic guitar, a dulcimer and a couple of experimental bass projects.  I’m looking forward to seeing how 2019 goes.