February instruments

My first job in February was making a partially fretless neck to fit a client’s pot.  This was my first time making and setting up a partially fretless neck.  I roughed out a neck and fretboard similar to this a few years ago, but the customer did the final work on that project so I didn’t get to see how it worked out in person.


My next project was to make a neck and rim and send them to a customer partially completed.  He wanted to do the rest of the work himself.


Then came my first octave mandolin.  The customer wanted one with a guitar shaped body and sent a plan for the shape.  This was a fun project and I was surprised by how nice it sounded, though I don’t know how to play anything in the mandolin family properly.


I also made banjos #105, 106 and 107 during February, they are all shown on the Banjos page.

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