Back in the shop again…..

I got back from my trip Sunday afternoon and just got back into the shop for a bit tonight, but I’ll be back to my normal evening work schedule starting tomorrow.  I posted a trip report and pictures again on the Adirondack Forum website, if you’d like to see them please follow the link below.  I have an A5 mandolin and an octave mandolin that are coming together in the shop now, and a couple of banjo rims to also make before getting back to building custom instruments on the first of September.



I’ll be away August 19-25

I’m taking my annual vacation this week, bicycling to the Adirondacks, as I have been doing for 10 years now.  I will be out of reach of communication during most of my trip but I will reply to emails as soon as possible on my return. 29176461016_b363e36894_o (1)

July instruments

Banjo #117 was a custom ash 12″ with a Whyte Laydie type tone ring and a Dobson heel.


#118 was a stock banjo, it can be seen on the Banjos page.

My last two projects were in the works at once. Fiddle #22 is a cherry chicken head and is shown on the Fiddles page, and I made a custom ash neck for a vintage banjo pot that was mailed to me.


My plan for August is to build a cherry A5 style mandolin and a walnut guitar bodied octave mandolin, and a banjo or two if time permits, as I will be gone for a week in the latter part of August as usual.