June banjos

My first project in June was a batch of 12″ stock banjos to replace what had been bought in May.  Banjos 153, 154 and 155 are all shown on the Banjos page.

Banjo #156 was my only custom banjo in June, it is a walnut 12″ with just a few differences from what I normally make. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I also made a custom neck for a vintage banjo pot.  I have never seen one quite like this before, so it was a fun project.


Banjo #157 is a cherry 11″ and is shown on the Banjos page.  I also made several armrests and a removable resonator.  This is a picture of the resonator that was sent to me after the customer applied the finish.


I worked some more on the octave mandolin in June and the body is complete except for binding, but the neck is still only half made.  I hope to finish the build this month if time permits.  Also in July I am building 3 custom banjos, 3 stock banjos, and a neck, as long as I don’t run out of time.

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