July-an octave mandolin and not much else

I realized today that I had failed to post an update on July instruments. The only instrument I actually made in July was an octave mandolin, shown on the Mandolins page. Early in the month I was finishing off some June instruments for a few days, then at the end of the month I began a couple of left handed necks that will be in the August report. I have been having some intermittent back problems since mid-late July that have kept me out of the shop more than I would have wished, but they are apparently not lastingly serious, just inconvenient for a while. I’ll have an August post with pictures and things to post in a couple of weeks or so.

One thought on “July-an octave mandolin and not much else

  1. Scott Yingling says:

    Hope you’re back is feeling better Zach. As soon as I get the dollars saved up I’m gonna be ordering that custom A Scale I’ve been wanting. Love your posts and following the activities on the farm. God Bless and stay healthy.


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