Arrival at the new shop

I don’t have any instruments to post this time but figured I should make an update on the state of things, such as it is. I brought the last load of lumber and things up in the bus on the 26th of August, and now we are officially here. I misunderestimated (to use a once-popular but now sadly neglected word) how long it would take to get the shop up and running in the new building.

I got the foam and subfloor installed and put in most of the rockwool in the walls and ceiling, and have begun putting up the vapor barrier and covering the walls with OSB, but there is still a lot more to do. More than half of the outlets are hooked up, and all of the lights, but I have not yet been able to unpack a lot of things, and while I have found most of the tools I need while looking for other things I have lost track of some of them again. I got the table with the vises and the clamp rack into place, so that part is ready to use

The stationary power tools are now all reassembled and ready to work, and my plan is to start by making a couple of armrests and a rim this week while also (I hope) completing the wall covering so I can hang more things up where I can see them, instead of them all being in random boxes. I”m hoping to start building banjos and necks next week. I had hoped to be further along by now, but that’s life. When I first moved everything into the shop building there was not room to walk through most of it, so things are getting slowly better.


We had a spell of nice weather from Wednesday to today, and I took advantage of it to get the addition built on the foundation piers on the side of the house. It began to rain as I was installing the last piece of metal roofing, so that worked out well. Tomorrow I’ll close in the end walls and then I’ll need to run the wiring, which is pretty minimal, and try to get on the schedule of the spray foam installers. The addition is 8 by 12 feet and will be a bedroom for my sister or other visitors on the ground floor and half an attic above. Now that it’s basically up I don’t have any more big pushes of house work planned for this fall and winter, but I’ve got a lot of trim, cabinets, built in shelves, and so on to build for the house in between working on instruments.

I’ll hope to have some instrument related news to post by the end of September.