Banjo #51- 16″ cherry cello banjo -sold

This is my second cello banjo.  The first one had the same size pot but I made it with two necks, one made for a 29″ scale and the other with a 25″ scale.  The first cello banjo was sold with the long neck, and I made a new and somewhat improved pot to fit the shorter neck.  This banjo has a custom made Renaissance head which came from Smakula Fretted Instruments with a 5/8″ crown height.  I made a 3/4″ tall tension hoop to fit it.  There are 34 brackets on this banjo, and all of the brass hardware came from Balsam Banjo Works except for the tension hoop and the dowel stick brace which I made, and the tailpiece which came from Elderly Instruments.  The tuners are raw brass Gotohs.  The fretboard is jatoba with maple dots and the rest of the banjo is made from cherry with some color variations.  The nut is 1-3/8″ wide and made from Corian.  The string gauges currently on the banjo are .020″, .046″, .036″, .028″ and .020″.  There is a 3/16″ brass tone hoop on top of the rim and a 6 piece rim cap on the back.  The bridge is about 7/8″ high.  The neck has a two way truss rod in it.  The pot depth is 3-1/4″, the wall is 5/8″ thick and the overall length of the banjo is 36″.  The banjo is pretty massive as the ones I have made go, weighing in at about 7 pounds 13 ounces.  The banjo has a Tru Oil finish.  To see a short video of my attempting to play this banjo please follow the link below.