Banjo #26, 16″ cherry cello banjo-sold

P2170004.JPGP2170006.JPGP2180003.JPGP2180004.JPGP2170007.JPGP2180002.JPGP2180003.JPGP2180002.JPGI started building this in December 2015 and finished in February 2016. The pot is 16″ in diameter and made from cherry wood. It has a drum head mounted on a wood tone ring. The tension hoop is made from 6061 aluminum. There are 36 brackets and the hooks, nuts and shoes are nickel plated. The tailpiece is homemade from jatoba and wire. The pictures show two different necks, both made from cherry with two way truss rods, Gotoh nickel plated tuners and guitar size fret wire. One is a 25″ scale neck with a jatoba fretboard, the other is 29″ scale with a hophornbeam fretboard. I set up the long neck with nylon guitar strings and the short neck with wound steel guitar strings. The tuning is gDGBD for both, one octave below standard banjo tuning. I have made demonstration videos with each neck that can be seen at the links below. The price of $750 includes your choice of necks and accompanying strings and bridge. If you want both necks the price is $950.  Just send me an email if you’d like both necks and I can send a paypal invoice for the second neck. There is only one set of tuners but everything else is duplicated. The banjo is not as heavy as it looks. With the short neck it weighs 6 pounds 9 ounces and the with the long neck it weighs 6 pounds 12 ounces. It is a bit large and awkward to hold, but it’s no wider in the body than a jumbo guitar, so it is manageable. The tension hoop protrudes about 5/16″ above the surface of the head, which is unusual for a banjo but that is how it worked out with the drum head. It looks different but it doesn’t affect how it plays. I have more pictures of both necks.

Short neck video:

Long neck video: