Banjo #38, walnut 12″, brass hardware-sold

This is the first banjo that I have built with a veneer layer over the outside of the block rim, though I have made a number of veneered rims for other people.  This banjo has a 12″ walnut rim, 5/8″ thick with a 3/16″ round brass tone hoop on top and a Renaissance head.  Total pot height is just over 3-1/8″.  I made the brass tension hoop which is Van Eps style with holes instead of notches.  The neck has a 1-3/8″ wide Corian nut, ebony fretboard with scoop, EVO fretwire and brass position dots.  There is a two way truss rod accessed through the heel as on all of my banjos.   The tuners are Gotoh raw brass.  All the rest of the brass hardware came from Balsam Banjo Works except the tailpiece.  The scale length is 25-1/2″.  To see a video demo of this banjo please follow the link below: