Banjo #62, ash 12″-sold

This is a banjo that I made last January for an exhibit at Traditional Arts of Upstate NY in Canton. North Country Public Radio did a story about the exhibit with some sound from this banjo being played by the curator of the exhibit, if you follow the link at the bottom the banjo starts just after minute 6:00. This is an unusual opportunity for me, because this recording shows what one of my banjos sounds like when played by a professional and recorded on a high quality mic.

This banjo was made mostly from wood from trees I cut down, milled into boards and allowed to dry, though the cherry burl came from an estate auction on the other side of Orwell, the town in which I live, and I am not sure if it grew here though it seems probable. The rim and neck are white ash, the fretboard is bitternut hickory and the armrest, rim cap and pinstripe are cherry. The overlay and heel cap are cherry burl. The banjo has a 12″ pot, 25.5″ scale length and 1-3/8″ nut. The brass hardware came from Balsam Banjo Works except for the tailpiece and the Renassance head which are from Smakula and the Van Eps style tension hoop and the dowel stick yoke which I made in the shop here. The neck has a two way truss rod, Gotoh tuners, EVO fret wire, brass dots and Corian nuts. The banjo has a Tru Oil finish. I will sell this banjo without the armrest for $30 less.