Banjo #90, mahogany 11″ A scale-sold

This is my first mahogany A scale banjo.  The neck, rim, rim cap and armrest are made from African mahogany (khaya family) with an ebony peghead overlay, heel cap and fretboard and an ebony stripe running through the dowel stick and neck.  If you don’t want the armrest let me know and I’ll take it off and lower the price by $35.  The frets are EVO and the nuts are Corian.  The scale length is 23″ and the nut width is 1-3/8″.   There is a two way truss rod accessed at the heel of the neck.  I made the Van Eps style tension hoop and the dowel stick brace,  the head and tailpiece came from Smakula Fretted Instruments and the balance of the hardware is from Balsam Banjo Works.  The finish is Tru Oil.  The neck has a small knot in the treble side, near the nut, which is shown in the last photo.  It lies along the surface and is not large enough to be a structural problem.  To see a video demonstration of this banjo please follow the link below: