Cello #1, cherry-$1100


This is the first cello I have built.  It is full 4/4 size, made from cherry wood with a spruce soundboard, bass bar and soundpost and a jatoba fingerboard. The pegs and endpin are ebony and were purchased premade. I used Henry Strobel’s book to build this cello and followed his patterns. The finish is Tru Oil. The strings on it now are D’Addario Preludes. The tailpiece is a Wittner with built in fine adjusters. I will be happy to answer your questions.  I am not able to pack the cello securely for shipment in a box that I can ship through the post office, so the cello would have to be picked up here unless you have access to a UPS account or some other way to ship it.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

—To see a video demonstration of this cello please follow the link below.  I have no cello playing skills so this video is courtesy of a generous visitor.—