Fiddle #18, cherry chicken-head-sold

This is my first chicken head fiddle. I made it in January for an exhibit at TAUNY in Canton NY which recently ended. My goal was to make it as much as possible from wood from trees I had cut here on the farm where I am living, so it is made mostly from cherry with a hop-hornbeam fingerboard, both from the farm, and an Engelmann spruce soundboard from out West somewhere. It has ebony pegs and endpin and a Tru Oil finish. I had been thinking of making a chicken head fiddle for a while, and it was fun to finally get to give it a try. I have made one more since then for a customer and have another custom build on the way in January, but this one is ready to go if anyone wants it. It’s a standard 4/4 size. I am not any better at playing the fiddle than the banjo, but I did what I could to demonstrate it at the link below.