Banjo #55, ash 12″ internal resonator-sold

This is the first complete internal resonator banjo I have put together.  I made a number of internal resonator pots last year to a somewhat different design, but I didn’t furnish the necks for them.  This banjo has a 12″ rim and 27″ scale length.  The inner and outer rims and neck are ash, the resonator back, neck stripe and peghead overlay are walnut, and the fretboard is persimmon.  There is a 3/16″ round brass tone hoop on top of the outer rim.  The fret wire is EVO Gold, the tuners are Gotoh raw brass, the tension hoop is made in the Van Eps style from brass, and the rest of the hardware is also brass.  The head is a Renaissance medium crown and the tailpiece is a No-Knot.  To see a video demonstration of the banjo please follow the link below: