I make fiddles from cherry, walnut and curly maple.  When time permits I try to keep one of each in stock, and I make custom fiddles to order.  2023 prices are cherry for $1000 and walnut or curly maple for $1050.  My early fiddles had western red cedar soundboards and more recently I have been using Engelmann spruce from Colorado.  Both soundboard woods are available for the same price. I also have used Adirondack spruce on some custom instruments, it costs a bit more depending on the grade chosen.  My fiddles are all 4/4 size instruments.

Fiddle #22, cherry chicken head-sold

This is my fourth chicken head fiddle and my 22nd fiddle in total. It is made mostly from cherry with a persimmon fingerboard and tailpiece and an Engelmann spruce soundboard. It has ebony pegs, endpin nut and end rest, and a Tru Oil finish. Here is a link to a video demo of this fiddle:

Cello #1, cherry

This cello is not for sale, but I can make another one like it in 2-4 months. If you would like to come and try it out before you commission one to be built you’re very welcome, just let me know.  A cello like this one would cost $1300, other wood choices would cost more … Continue reading Cello #1, cherry

Fiddle #15, curly maple-sold

This is the fifteenth fiddle I have built, and the seventh from curly maple. Curly maple and spruce are the classic woods for violins and this one has a one-piece back which is shown close up in the last photo. The back, sides, neck, fingerboard, tailpiece,end rest and chin rest are made from curly red … Continue reading Fiddle #15, curly maple-sold

Fiddle #3, cherry-sold

This is the third fiddle I built, back in 2012, and the first from cherry wood. The color of the cherry has become deeper and richer over time and will continue to darken. The back, sides, neck, fingerboard, tailpiece, end rest and chin rest are made from cherry, the soundboard and blocks are western red … Continue reading Fiddle #3, cherry-sold

Fiddle #14, black walnut-sold

To see a video demonstration of this instrument please follow the link below. This is the fourteenth fiddle I have built, and the sixth from black walnut. The back, sides, neck, fingerboard, tailpiece,end rest and chin rest are made from black walnut, the soundboard is Engelmann spruce from Colorado, the nut is rosewood and the … Continue reading Fiddle #14, black walnut-sold