I have built five A style archtop mandolins and five guitar-bodied octave mandolins so far.  The first A style was in 2009 and was my first experience with building an archtop instrument.  I built the second after the first sold in 2013.  Then in 2016 I built my first cherry mandolin.   I currently am out of mandolins but hope to build more soon.

The first octave mandolin was a custom order but I was pleasantly surprised by how resonant it sounded.  I’ve built a few more but all are sold. I hope to make another one or more in 2023.

Mandolin #2, A-style cherry-sold

This is the second mandolin that I have built.  I followed the instructions in The Ultimate Bluegrass Mandolin Construction Manual by Roger Siminoff except that I made an A-style instead of the F-style he demonstrates. The soundboard and bars are Englemann spruce and and rest of the instrument is made from black cherry except for the … Continue reading Mandolin #2, A-style cherry-sold

Mandolin #1, curly maple-sold

This is my first mandolin, completed in 2009.  It was built to the same design as the cherry  #2 mandolin but from curly maple and western red cedar.