Base price for necks in 2023 is $600 which includes a two way truss rod and nickel-silver fret wire but not tuners.  I can do any scale length and nut width, and I can cut the heel to fit any size rim.  My necks are usually made from 2 or 3 pieces of wood, if you want a one piece neck let me know and I will see what I have on hand. I can make Vega or Dobson heels, and full-fret or scooped fretboards, all are included in base price.  4, 5 or 6 string necks all cost the same.  Paddle of figure-8 shaped pegheads are included in base price. The base price wood is cherry, plain maple or ash with a jatoba, hickory or hop-hornbeam fretboard.  Paddle or figure 8 shaped pegheads are included in the base price and other shapes will cost $10 or $20 depending on the amount of work to make them.  Below is a list of the charges for more expensive woods, and I am also happy to work with most other types of wood if you send me the material. The exception is cocobolo, which made me sneeze for some reason the one time I used it on a custom neck. Brass front or side dots are included in base price. Any peghead overlay wood that I have on hand is included in the base price.

Curly maple, mahogany or walnut +$20

Ebony fretboard +$30

Rosewood or pau ferro fretboard +$20

Persimmon, zebrawood or granadillo fretboard +$10

Rocklite Ebano or Sundari fretboard +$35

Blackwood Tek fretboard +$20

Radiused fretboard +$30

Bound fretboard (wood binding) +$30

Fretless -$20 ($20 off the base price)

Tunneled 5th string +$30

Both front and side brass dots (one or the other is included in base price)+$10

Wood dots, species of your choice +$10

Pearl or other dots + cost of material

EVO Gold fret wire +$10

Slot head or other complex peghead shape +$20

Tru Oil finish +$20

Bone nut and pip +$10

Spikes +$5 each

Simple pre-cut inlays (stars, coins, etc) +$10 to install, plus cost of inlay

Large complex inlay is $30 an hour to install.  I don’t cut my own inlay so you’d have to order what you want and have it sent to me.  I don’t start work on the neck until the inlay has arrived, as sometimes they can be backordered for months.


I sometimes have some rims on hand and I am happy to make custom rims too.  I only make block rims.  Cherry, maple or ash cost $90 for an 11″ or smaller rim up to 3″ high and with 1/2″ to 3/4″ wall thickness.  Over 3″ high adds $10, 12″ rims add $10.  Walnut, mahogany or curly maple cost $10 extra.  I can add a rim cap from any of the rim woods for $30.  I can turn one of my rims to fit your tone ring and flange for $10 per fitment but you’ll have to send them to me so I have them in hand to fit properly.  I have turned rims as large as 16″(which is the biggest I can fit on my lathe) and as small as 8″.  Send me an email if you’d like to know what I currently have in stock, or to place a custom order.

Tension Hoops

I have begun making my own Van Eps style tension hoops from brass or aluminum and will be happy to make custom hoops for $50 +/- depending on the size and material.  I can also supply a hoop without the holes for $40+/-, if you’d like to make your own holes or notches.   Send me an email to arrange details.


This kind of armrest was originally developed by Jason Romero of Romero Banjos.  I can make wood armrests to fit any banjo, I just need a couple of measurements.  Price is $30 for cherry, ash or plain maple, including a Tru Oil finish.  If you’d like to do your own finishing just let me know, that will save time in getting your armrest ready to ship and will save you $5.  There is a $5 extra charge for mahogany, walnut or curly maple.  The armrest is held on by an aluminum or brass bracket that goes across the inside of two hooks and has a threaded hole for the screw.  Weight is generally in the 1 to 2 ounce range for cherry or walnut, I haven’t weighed the ones I have made from other woods.  Shipping is $5 anywhere in the US, other areas please inquire.