I am happy to build custom banjos and I try to keep a few banjos ready made in stock. Banjos 273, 275, 277, 282, 283, and 286, and wood topped banjo #4 are available currently. Please scroll down for information on custom banjos, and to see in stock and sold banjos.  Custom banjos that I have made are shown on the Shop News page.  

Banjos that are available will have the price shown in the title of their pages. UPS shipping and insurance costs in the lower 48 states range generally between $40 and $90 for banjos.  To order a banjo or for a shipping quote please email me your zip code and let me know which banjo you’re interested in.  I can also provide quotes by country for overseas shipping. I will be happy to send a PayPal invoice, or payment in person or by mail are fine too.

For inquiries or to order an in-stock or custom banjo please send me an email at

Custom Banjos

  I am currently scheduling custom builds for June 2023. Custom designs take more time to figure out and build, so I have been thinking about having separate prices for custom work for some time. A banjo that is a stock design I make but with a different combination of woods or a different tone … Continue reading Custom Banjos

Wood topped banjo #4-$950

This is another experimental wood topped banjo, or banjo hybrid of some kind. I was asked to make something similar in 2020, and have been meaning (but often failing) to keep one in stock since then. The sound seems to me almost or about as loud as my regular banjos, but with more sustain. The … Continue reading Wood topped banjo #4-$950

Banjo #255, walnut 12″-sold

This banjo has a walnut rim, neck and Romero-style armrest, with a rosewood fretboard, curly walnut peghead overlay, and curly maple rim cap, heel cap and neck stripe.  I will sell the banjo without the armrest for $35 less if it isn’t wanted.  This banjo has a Renaissance head on a 12″ block rim with … Continue reading Banjo #255, walnut 12″-sold

Banjo #203, 12″ ash-sold

This banjo has a white ash rim, neck and Romero-style armrest, with a hop-hornbeam fretboard and a curly ash peghead overlay.  This is the first banjo I have made from darker colored ash boards. I don’t know why some ash trees are white all the way through and some have dark areas in the center … Continue reading Banjo #203, 12″ ash-sold

Banjo #166, 11″ cherry-sold

This banjo is a little different from my usual stock banjos since it has a paddle peghead and a Dobson heel.  It’s made from cherry with curly maple neck stripes and rim cap, a cherry burl peghead overlay, and a jatoba fretboard.  I will sell the banjo without the Romero-style armrest for $30 less if … Continue reading Banjo #166, 11″ cherry-sold

Banjo #147, cherry 12″-sold

This banjo has a cherry rim, neck and Romero-style armrest, with a jatoba fretboard,  and walnut neck stripe, heel cap, rim cap and peghead overlay.  I will sell the banjo without the armrest for $30 less.  This banjo has a Renaissance head on a 12″ block rim, 5/8″ thick, with a wood tone ring profile. … Continue reading Banjo #147, cherry 12″-sold

Banjo #62, ash 12″-sold

This is a banjo that I made last January for an exhibit at Traditional Arts of Upstate NY in Canton. North Country Public Radio did a story about the exhibit with some sound from this banjo being played by the curator of the exhibit, if you follow the link at the bottom the banjo starts … Continue reading Banjo #62, ash 12″-sold

Banjo #21, custom left handed-sold

I built this banjo to order in summer 2015.  It was mostly walnut with some exotic woods that the customer provided.  This was my first banjo with a bound fretboard as well as my first lefty.

Banjo #18, custom C scale-sold

This was a custom order for a banjo with a 19-3/4″ scale length and 11″ pot.  It was tuned to open C, the same as a full size banjo capoed at the 5th fret.  It was also my first time making a minstrel-style peghead and an armrest.  I am always happy to build custom instruments.