Other Instruments

This is the page for harps, dulcimers (and now a ukulele) and anything else I may make that doesn’t belong on one of the other pages.  Please scroll down to see the pages for each type of instrument.


I have built 42 dulcimers.  My very first instrument I ever built was a 3 string dulcimer made from birch-ply in 2004.  Then I made them from curly maple and cedar for a while, then cherry and red pine and now I use cherry or butternut.  I have found that the larger width of this … Continue reading Dulcimers


I have built a few harps with 14 strings and years ago I built a much larger harp with 29 strings that was more versatile but also rather heavy to hold in your lap to play. I can make a harp in either style from whatever type of wood you would prefer.

Ukulele #1, cherry-sold

This was an experiment since I don’t play uke myself nor know anyone that does.  I don’t have a video of it, but if anyone comes by who can play it I will make one.  It’s a soprano size.  The soundboard and bracing are Douglas fir from the same board as the soundboard of my … Continue reading Ukulele #1, cherry-sold