I have been building acoustic guitars since 2014 and resonator guitars since 2013.  To date I have built 9 flat-top acoustic guitars and 3 archtop guitars.  I have also made four squareneck resonator guitars and one roundneck resonator.  Scroll down to see currently available and sold guitars of all types, or to see custom guitars I’ve built take a look in the Shop News archives.  If you’re interested in ordering a custom guitar please send me an email for a quote.

Guitar #11, cherry archtop-sold

This is my second archtop guitar and 11th acoustic guitar overall.  It has a 17” body width and is built following the design in Bob Benedetto’s excellent book on archtop guitar construction.  The scale length is 25” and the nut width is 1-3/4”  The back, sides, blocks and neck are cherry, the linings are walnut, … Continue reading Guitar #11, cherry archtop-sold

Resonator Guitar #2-sold

This is my second resonator guitar, built in April 2014. The cone is a Beard Classic and the spider is a Beard #14. The coverplate, tailpiece, tuners and sound screens are imported parts bought from Beard Guitars. The soundwell is the traditional style made of maple with 9 holes. The fret markers and binding are … Continue reading Resonator Guitar #2-sold