IMG_9078My name is Zach Hoyt and I build banjos and other stringed instruments.  I always have some ready-made instruments in stock and I am happy to do custom work.  On each page from the menu above you will see listings of currently available and sold in-stock instruments.  I have been posting pictures and a brief description of each custom instrument I have built since 2018, they can all be found in the archives on the Shop News page if you’re interested.  There are customer reviews on BanjoHangout of a number of banjos I have built.

BanjoHangout reviews

To see more reviews including banjos and other instruments please visit my Etsy shop at the link below:

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To see some videos of people playing instruments I built please click below.  I am always glad to get permission to add more videos to this section, so if you have a video and are willing to let me post a link please let me know.


I just have to tell everyone how pleased I am with my Hoyt cherry wood Banjo #16, hand made by Zachary Hoyt. It is of the open back variety and has no tone ring other than the block rim itself which comes to a fairly sharp edge very similar to a tone ring shape. The … Continue reading Joe Robert–Mulberry, Florida

Joe Robert–Mulberry, Florida

I’ve owned banjos from just about every American builder over the years. Reiter, Ramsey, Enoch, Jason Burns, Chuck Lee. Maybe I missed one or two. I’ve also had banjos by Gold Tone and Deering. I’ve known about Zach’s banjos from seeing his ads on the Banjo Hangout but never took the leap. I saw how … Continue reading Phil Levine,

Phil Levine,

I am the proud owner of Hoyt’s second dobro. I was intrigued by the idea of owning a handmade instrument with Beard hardware, since I own a Gold Tone Paul Beard Signature Deluxe dobro, and I am delighted. The natural finish black cherry is beautiful and invites comment, and while the Gold Tone is smooth … Continue reading Kane


I think about, and give thanks every day for Zachary Hoyt, as I, daily, have in my hands and play one of the instruments from Zach’s workshop. My wife and I have banjos, a guitar, dulcimer, washtub bass, and a marimbula Zach has built. In a word, his instruments are stellar. And we’re proud to … Continue reading Sam from Tennessee

Sam from Tennessee

I found Zach on the internet and asked him to call me about making a guitar.  Zach responded with 2 models.  I was happy to choose the parlor style.  Thruout the build Zach was accommodating and supportive as well as knowledgeable in discussing what I wanted realistically and from a builder’s perspective. The end result … Continue reading Bryan from Oregon

Bryan from Oregon

I have been playing guitar for 20 years; and before I bought my Taylor acoustic guitar; I spent several weeks and more than 10 visits to Guitar Center before settling on a purchase. I am meticulous with researching instruments before I buy them; and in the case of buying my first banjo, I knew I … Continue reading James from Boston, MA

James from Boston, MA

So I had the opportunity to work with Zach from Zach Hoyt Banjos-Etc and it was seamless.  From the moment I found his banjos to contacting Zach, he explained his story & how banjo #166 came to be.  His descriptive style & gentle soul made my  confidence in buying a banjo online a no-brainer.  The … Continue reading Jeff from Ohio

Jeff from Ohio

I’ve always wanted a banjo with a bunch of features that you just can’t find in an off-the-shelf instrument. I contacted Zach, told him what I was after, and he was right on board with every element of the design that I had – right down to the thickness of the rim and the shape … Continue reading Marcus from New South Wales

Marcus from New South Wales