I have been playing guitar for 20 years; and before I bought my Taylor acoustic guitar; I spent several weeks and more than 10 visits to Guitar Center before settling on a purchase. I am meticulous with researching instruments before I buy them; and in the case of buying my first banjo, I knew I wanted a 5 string open back. It wasn’t until spending tens of hours on banjo forums that I found Zach Hoyt highly recommended as a custom banjo builder. Zach built me a truly jaw dropping banjo with a cherry and walnut rim and custom wood throughout the neck and headstock. My friends and family are truly impressed as am I, with the quality of the instrument – both the sound, and the aesthetic. The sound is robust, full, dynamic. Throughout the process of building Zach was highly responsive and willing to answer many frivolous questions coming from my end. In the future I’d like to have Zach build me another instrument. I don’t plan on buying a brand name instrument again, as Zach’s work, and the tonality and build quality of the instrument is far superior to anything I’ve played in a music shop. Do yourself a favor and grab one of Zach’s banjos now and consider it an heirloom for you and your family for years to come. 

James from Boston, MA