I think about, and give thanks every day for Zachary Hoyt, as I, daily, have in my hands and play one of the instruments from Zach’s workshop. My wife and I have banjos, a guitar, dulcimer, washtub bass, and a marimbula Zach has built. In a word, his instruments are stellar. And we’re proud to own and be able to play them.

Zach is an excellent craftsman, and he is incredibly easy to work with. He’s willing to do custom work, try new things, and he keeps in touch with his customers during the building process. His turnaround time is phenomenal, and his price point, competitive with any quality instruments on the market, is almost without peer in terms of instruments that are custom built. I cannot recommend Zach Hoyt’s instruments any more highly! And on top of his skill as a craftsman, he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Zach Hoyt’s musical instruments are great instruments, from a fine builder who truly is “one of the good guys,” and I’m grateful for him and his work each and every day.

Sam from Tennessee