June instruments

June was another low-production month since I spent a number of evenings working on the roof instead of in the shop, but now the roof job is done and I am back up to full speed, such as it is.  My first June job was a custom 5+1 neck fitted to a very unusual old pot for a customer.



My last custom job for June was an OM size guitar made from cherry and western red cedar with a jatoba fretboard.  It was made for a Banjo Hangout member who was kind enough to make a post about it on BHO, which I will link to below:



Later in June I made a neck for an old banjo pot I got at the flea market.  I didn’t list it here on my web site but it is for sale on the classified listings on BHO at the link below.


Banjos 115 and 116 were stock banjos, I began them in June but didn’t get them completed till early July, and they are both shown on the Banjos page.

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